Projection Televisions

Projection televisions are becoming more popular with consumers nowadays as they give them the chance to watch TV on bigger and better quality screens. There are basically two types of projection television:

Front projection televisions separate off the projection set and the screen. Here you can use the projector that comes with the system to beam images to the front of a separate screen which you can place on a wall, for example.

Rear projection televisions more closely resemble traditional TVs in that there is no separate screen. Here the projector is housed in the TV set and it projects its images through the back of the screen.

Both of these types of projection televisions may use either reflective or transmissive technologies to make up the detail in their pictures. If you buy a projection TV that has a reflective system then the picture is made by light that bounces off. Transmissive systems involve the light actually travelling through the system.

You can buy projections TVs in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Generally, you will be able to buy this kind of technology in CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TVs, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs and in DLP systems.