Most commonly referred to as a deep-fryer, the sole purpose of this appliance is to fry food in a container of hot oil. Many deep fryers use a basket to raise and lower the food into the hot oil. The benefit of using a deep fryer is that you are able to cook food a great deal faster. However, one of the faults of a deep fryer that is safety should always been at the back of your mind. These are essentially very dangerous appliances to use if not use correctly.

There are things that you should keep in mind when buying a deep fat fryer.

1. Lid – the presence of a lid is very important. There are some fryers that do not possess a lid. The lack of a lid can be very dangerous and it is always a good idea to find a fryer with a lid that locks in place when closed.

2. Cool Wall – A cool wall allows you to touch the outside of the fryer without having to worry about being burned. This is a good thing to have if you have children around the kitchen while you are cooking.

3. Basket – today most, if not all, fryers will come with a basket that allows you to raise or lower the food without having to worry about getting your hands near the hot oil. There are some baskets that have a handle that allows you to lift the basket while there are various models that have a button or some other mechanism that lowers and raises the basket for you. These are the safest to use because you don’t have to put your hands directly over the hot fat.

4. Window – the presence of a window, either in the front or in the lid is very important. This window allows you to check on your food without having to remove the cover or lift the food out using the basket.