Digital SLR Cameras

Digital SLR cameras are a type of digital camera that take photos and then store them in either on-board memory or via memory cards or sticks. These cameras are usually used by more experienced camera users or by professionals who want to add a range of manual features that most compact cameras don't have.

The term SLR here stands for Single Lens Reflex. This allows the person taking the photo to get a better viewing quality and they can also change their lens according to the shot that they want to take. The advantage here is that the photographer can have input into choosing the right lens for the right kind of shot.

These kinds of cameras are also better designed to let the photographer decide how to take the photo manually (although you can use automatic functions if you wish) which makes it much easier to control your own photo taking unlike compact models which tend to work on a 'point and shoot' principle.

The quality of photo you get here will generally tend to be higher with compact models as these cameras have higher rates of image sensors and other features such as barely any lag time which makes it easier to take complex photos such as action shots. This speed of photo taking is what attracts many serious photographers to SLR models. SLR cameras are often also better in low light conditions as they use ISO technology which allows them to change their light sensitivity as necessary.