It's never been easier to find and buy camcorders which nowadays can be used for all kinds of purposes. Some people will simply use them for fun - i.e. to film their kids on holiday - whilst others will use them to make short films. The most popular types of camcorders available at the moment include:

1. Digital Camcorders

Digital camcorders record the films you take on to built in hard drives in the camcorder and many can also use additional external memory products to boost the memory you get. Some models here will use mini DVDs to store films instead of memory. These camcorders are held to give great picture quality and can be easily downloaded on to a computer for editing and transfer to DVDs, for example.

2. Analogue Camcorders

Analogue camcorders will record to tape rather than to internal memory or DVD. The tapes here are small cassettes which can be used for direct playback to a VCR or transferred on to other media such as DVDs (although you may need to have this done by a specialist service if you cannot do it at home).

The type of camcorder that you choose will generally depend on which type you prefer and how much you have to spend. Bear in mind that many users are now opting for digital camcorders rather than analogue models as they generally give better image quality and can be more compact.