A blender is a small kitchen appliance used to mix or puree food. In Britain these appliances are known as liquidisers. They can be hand powered or electric and can be made of glass, stainless steel, or plastic. A blender consists of a long jug with graduated markings on the side for adding the proper measurement of ingredients. The jug sits on a base, which has an off/on switch. The cover of the blender fits on securely and prevents any of the ingredients or liquids from spilling out when the blender is operating. The base contains a set of blades, which, in some models, are removable for cleaning.

The motor of the blender is in the base that rests on the counter. Most blenders have a numbers of speeds for you to choose from. A blender operating by battery or low power will probably require that some liquid be added to the ingredients to help move them around inside the jug and ensure they come in contact with the blades.

Some of the ways in which you can use a blender include:

You can also buy specialized blenders for making such popular drinks as smoothies. These appliances have a spigot on the top to make it easier to pour the drink into the glass. However, just about all blenders have an indentation at the top so that you can easily pour out the pureed liquids.